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About Matibogo Investments

Matibogo Investments is the cheapest customs clearing agents in South Africa. We are a corporation licensed, regulated and empowered by SARS Customs to assist importers and exporters in meeting Customs requirements governing imports and exports. We submit necessary information and appropriate payments to SARS on behalf of our clients.

We are a licensed customs clearing brokerage firm and we also do cargo inspection on behalf of our clients.

We’ll handle your companies clearing and forwarding, while you focus on your core business!


Our Services

  • Arrangement of inspections with authorities. Timely and prompt inspections facilitate quick transfer of cleared goods to the customer’s storage facility. We arrange labour for loading and off loading.
  • Clear goods at reasonable time without impacting on the receiver or consignee.
  • Keep the client informed about the movement of their cargo, its whereabouts.
  • Submit data and written reports to our clients regarding clearance and delivery of cargo.
  • We complete all part and custom formalities on behalf of the consignee or receiver of cargo at the destination point.
  • Prepare and submit the required custom documentation with the authorities for clearance of shipments.

By having a responsible third party such as Matibogo Investments to handle your companies clearing and forwarding activities, you will be able to focus more on your core activities!

Contact us now for reputable and efficient customs clearing services!

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